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An introduction (introduzione)

This semester, my Junior year in college, I am studying abroad in Florence.  This includes exploring and absorbing what Italy has to offer, as well as exploring other European countries.  Some of those countries include Greece, England, France and Switzerland. I hope to tackle all of these countries and embrace all of the cultures.

Some words to describe me: A writer. Ajournalism/public relations student. A sorority woman (KKG to be exact). A runner. Guided by my wanderlust.

My goal for creating this blog: I’m creating this blog to organize my adventures abroad in a more visual and appealing manner. As a journalism student, I feel this is a way to hone my skills and to explore a more creative writing outlet, one that I am not used to.  I hope to look back on the blog and see how much I have developed over the semester; in cultural knowledge and as a writer.

What I hope you gain from reading this blog: By reading my blog, I hope you gain a shared knowledge of all my travel experiences.  I also hope you get to live vicariously through me and be slightly jealous (just kidding).  There will also be plenty of pictures of your viewing pleasure. If you know something  about a topic that I don’t (which is very likely) or if something in particular I write about interests you, I would like to hear about it in the comments.

I would also hope you would gain a few smiles from reading my blog. That would be nice.

Things to look for: Weekend updates (which is when I will be doing the majority of my traveling), Italian words/phrases of the week, and the “new thing” of the week.

I’m going to try to update this blog as often as I can, but I’m sure as the semester progresses, it will be more difficult. Especially since the internet connection in my apartment is spotty.  But it will at least be weekly.

Make sure you check out my adventures ablog! (Credit to my friend, also named Nicole, for the cleverness of ablog).

Ci vediamo. See you later.