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La Festa Democratica

My first weekend update, parte uno:

Within the past couple of weeks, while running, I came across something that seemed similar to a fair; it was a street filled with vendors and restaurants.  When I was there though, all the places were just opening up so I could not get a proper read on what was happening.  This past Friday, I decided to convince my friends to join me to this fair, which I learned was called La Festa Democratica.  It is supposed to be a celebration of the political party, but while there it did not seem like the main focus.  We actually forgot it even was about politics until a woman handed us stickers explaining it.

For something that we had such little information about, we had had such an amazing time doing it.  There were restaurants lined up with tables on the side, a few carnival games, rides (which we were too big for apparently), and sangria stands everywhere.  There was even a kickboxing ring that encouraged the guests to put on gloves and try it out.  The guy in charge of the kickboxing tried convincing me to join in. I know some kickboxing, so I was really tempted to, but I’ve never actually gone against another person, so I was afraid to test that out in front of everyone.

On the streets, there were even a few stages set up for dancing; some live and some with a DJ.  The live performers were so involved with all the people dancing, joining them while singing.  We had an amazing time submerging ourselves with the locals and dancing to the Italian (and some Spanish) music that they played.  I also realized that Italians dance much better than Americans, even the younger kids.  While we make crazy, jerky movements (or is that just me?), they actually feel the rhythm of the music and can move their hips with it.

festival stage

There weren’t many tourists at La Festa, which was a nice surprise from typical Florence. It was finally a chance to see Italians get together and celebrate with food and dancing.

La Festa Democratica is open for a few more weeks, so if you are in Italy and reading this- definitely check it out.